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J&S Tech Designs

JSTD, LLC d/b/a J&S Tech Designs was founded in 2007 by James and Susan Nagy. The company specializes in strategic business consulting services, including strategic planning, technology, project management, sales, marketing, design, development, and so much more. James and Susan are also one-half of the expertise behind the successful Chicago-based website development and social media marketing firm Sprocket Websites. Their passion is taking on complex and complicated projects and completing them quickly, efficiently, and professionally for their customers.

        Meet Our Team

Our Experts:

James provides expertise in several areas. A highly sought-after strategic planner, who can see both the big picture details along with the specific project constraints when creating long-term roadmaps and strategic objectives. He has over 30 years of experience in software design, development, and information technology. He spent more than 15 years in executive management positions in both Health Care and Automotive industries. Most recently he has spent the last 10+ years as a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and industry consultant.

Susan is always looking for new opportunities and strategic business relationships for J&S Tech Designs.  In the early days of the organization, she would be updating web pages, performing data entry, communicating with clients, keeping the books, and numerous other initial stage business activities.  Today, she works full time for Molina Healthcare, and she focuses her entrepreneurial energies working in her own consulting company, J&S Therapeutic Designs.

James A. Nagy

Co-Founder/Owner & Managing Partner – JSTD, LLC
Managing Partner – J&S Tech Designs
Senior Partner – J&S Therapeutic Designs
Senior Author/Contributor – J&S Top Deals
Co-Founder/Owner & Senior Partner – Sprocket Websites, Inc.
Co-Founder/Owner & Managing Partner – J&S Toddler Development, LLC
Board Member & Technology Chair – East Ventura County Employer Advisory Council
Member – Provisors – Westlake 3
Secretary/Treasurer – BNI Profit Builders
Co-Founder – Chicago Area DNN Users Group

Susan C. Nagy, PharmD, APh, BCGP

Co-Founder/Owner & Senior Partner – JSTD, LLC
Managing Partner – J&S Therapeutic Designs
Senior Partner – J&S Tech Designs
Co-Founder/Owner & Senior Partner – Sprocket Websites, Inc.
Co-Founder/Owner & Senior Partner – J&S Toddler Development, LLC
AVP, Pharmacy Operations – Molina Healthcare, Inc.

       Our Process

How We Work?

Curious as to what the process looks like when engaging with us for Business Consulting services to handle the planning, developing, sustaining, and navigating innovative technologies and strategies for your business to succeed? If you’re interested in working with J&S Tech Designs, we’ll start by taking a hard look at your existing situation and business needs:


What’s working and what isn’t, what your competition is doing, and best practices in other industries as well. Most importantly, we’ll identify what your technology needs to do for your business that it doesn’t do today.

As we learn more about your business, we’ll add our own ideas. We’ll ask you questions like, “Have you thought about…”; “Did you know you could do this…”; “What about…” These leading questions can help you begin to frame out in your mind everything technology can do for your business. Hopefully we’ll uncover a few options you might not have known even existed!

Our clients benefit not only from our technical and design know-how, but also from our understanding of how business works in the real world. When our strong decisions and expertise produce a solution that truly works for our clients, well, we just smile.

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